{American Pie}

So…. like I mentioned we are on Spring Break in the mountains. Super close to Helen, Georgia. It is quite a different environment, but we love this escape. While in the mountains, I received a request for apple pie. Over the years, my apple pie has become quite a hit. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas it is guaranteed that I will be baking at least 3 pies (each holiday). One for my immediate family, one for my parents, and one for my in-laws. Factor in other gatherings and the numbers of requested pies increases greatly. It was quite the compliment that my apple pie was summoned while in Georgia. 

I’ve always baked since I was young. I don’t crave sweets (weird I know!), but I love to bake. So… here’s what the process looks like with a four year old.

Step 1:

Peel and thinly slice your apples. We used Granny Smith, Delicious Apples, and Honeycrisp. We figured we could mix it up since we are in the mountains. One thing I’ve noticed is that we always buy more apples than we need. Oh well, snacks for the next day!

photo 2 (1)

Step 2:

Mix all your ingredients! You know what’s weird? Instead of regular salt we use Sea Salt. Maybe it reminds us of the ocean… ok?

photo 1 (1)

Step 3:

Pour your mix into the pie pan. We used a cake pan because we didn’t have one. No one knew where it was. Wondering if pie pans grow legs and walk away.

photo 1 (2)

Step 4:

Place your pie in the oven. Enjoy the ridiculously good smells that will infiltrate your home. Someone should make some candles that smell like apple pie. Oh wait… they already do.

photo 2 (2)

Step 5:

Serve your Pillsbury Apple Pie with some Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream and become everyone’s best friend immediately.

Finished Pie

If you want to bake a pie without any complaints, Pillsbury has an easy peasy recipe that you can make too. Just don’t tell anyone. It’s my secret!

Peace & Love,


PS: As of publishing, the pie is gone! Hope no one wanted some. 🙂

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