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Organized chaos. Is there such a thing? In my heart of hearts I’d like to think so because I am always a mess! If my hubby could change one thing about me, I am confident that it would be my inability to stay organized. I love piles on chairs, tables, corners, stairs… you name it. I can pile like the best of them. Growing up, my father would pile up messes. It drove me up. In hindsight, I now know the source.

I’ve been on a crazy crafting kick lately. As a result, my family laughs at me (in the kindest way possible I’m sure) because I am always crafting. My wonderful MIL understands my obsession, she doesn’t laugh. Yesterday afternoon I told my mom (bestfriend) that I was going to redo my craft room when I got home. Knowing the state of destruction it was in, she laughed. It was safe to say it looked like a tornado ad hit it.

I craft therefore I am

The space was an all-purpose room with my husband’s office, my craft table, and a catch-all for everything else. Generously, my hubby agreed to move his office into another room. Now I have the WHOLE room. Wow! Logistics is a bit tough because it is the first room you see when you walk into our house, there are two large windows on a wall, and a door that leads to the porch. Luckily I took on the project head-on and I made a dent! You can most definitely see a difference in the before and after. When I went to bed at 12:40 I felt accomplished.

It’s still not perfect, but I’ve made serious progress. I found things I didn’t know I had; that’s always fun! In the coming weeks, I’ll keep you up-to-date on shenanigans behind the scenes in the craft room. As I get it photo-ready, I’ll post some pictures.

In the meantime, feel free to share links for your craft room. I can always use some inspiration.

Love & Peace,


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