{Bunnies in a Basket}

Easter is so much fun and sweet. Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and marshmallow chicks. What else do you need? Well, decorations of course! The hubby brought down the baby pink bin that’s labeled Easter and it was on. Within minutes the house was covered in plastic green grass, Easter eggs, bunnies, and every pastel colored decoration you can imagine. Even so, we were still missing something. 

Because I’m incapable of sitting still, I started scouring the internet for Easter crafts. I wanted something simple, cute, and inexpensive. Enter – The Little Fabric (Shop) Blog. The cutest tutorial for bunnies can be found here. While the Princess slept, I printed the template, cut out the bunnies, and pinned them. Before bed I had promised bunnies in the morning.

Bunnies Cut Up

Once she came downstairs, it was time to sew. We sewed and stuffed our bunnies in record time. Within 30 minutes we had 3 precious bunnies ready to Hop, Hop, Hop into our hearts.

Bunnies in a Basket

Now I’m thinking that it would be super nice to make some for families and friends. Will there be one for you in your Easter basket?

Peace & Love,

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