How Many Days Until Christmas?

December 1st is a bit depressing. I wait for the Holidays all year and when they finally come, I wish they hadn’t. They go by too quickly! While getting ready for school, Princess A reminded me that Christmas will be here before we know it. She continued to lament that it will all be all over too fast and then we will have to wait all year again. I think… no – I know – she gets it from her Abu! Many a family vacation that on the first day I was reminded that our vacation was almost over and we’d have to leave soon.   [Read more…]

{SMARTIES Valentine’s Day Printable}

So, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! YEAH!!! Standing between us and Valentine’s Day is Super Bowl XLVIII. Are you ready for some football? We will be having friends over for the game so the planning has commenced. But I digress, back to Valentine’s Day. This year, I didn’t want to do the conventional Hello Kitty or Disney Princess Be Mine card. They are cute and quick, but I had an extra hour to spare – crazy I know – and decided it’d be fun to do a craft with the Princess. [Read more…]

{First Day of School}

Did you do it? Did you survive the first day of school? We did!

I’m pretty sure the Princess was far more reserved and normal than myself. Although I kept it together for most of the morning, I lost it as I walked away from her classroom. When I turned around and saw this little lady sitting at her desk, I couldn’t help but wonder where 5 years went. I swear I still have the scars! [Read more…]

{Cowgirl Glam Up-Cycle}

So….. my Princess has a pair of boots. These boots have traveled throughout the State of Florida. They’ve hiked mountains in Northern Georgia. They’ve experienced sand and snow, jumped off of playgrounds, and even caused an ouchie or 2. My daughter adores her boots and literally wears them to preschool everyday (no exaggeration here).  [Read more…]

{Chalked Up for Storage}

Isn’t it amazing? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Old-school chalkboards are all the rage. Ironically enough, they’ve been absent from classrooms for years, but are making a comeback thanks to Pinterest. When’s the last time you attended a party that didn’t have something decorated in chalk? I can’t remember.  [Read more…]

{Family Bunting Spring Wreath}

Spring is here! Well, it’s been here for a while. I am finally done decorating the outside for spring. 🙂 Through winter, work, and pure laziness, the entrance looked neglected and sad. Really, it did! Like I mentioned in {Sand & Sunburst}, I randomly decide that I need to redo something.  Either I need to stop going to sleep or spending hours on Pinterest. What do you think would happen first? Yea, sleep is overrated anyways. [Read more…]

{Sand & Sunburst}

One thing I love about my hubby is that he is AS impatient (or more) as me. Saturday morning when I woke up, I came downstairs directly because I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I needed to share with my hubby that we were about to embark on another adventure.

[Read more…]

Pan Pizza Friday

How was your Friday night? Ours was great. Low key. Nothing but family (and food). It has become our tradition that fridays are our pizza night. Last night, instead of buying a pizza we made some! It was a fun way to reconnect after a long week of work and school. [Read more…]

{American Pie}

So…. like I mentioned we are on Spring Break in the mountains. Super close to Helen, Georgia. It is quite a different environment, but we love this escape. While in the mountains, I received a request for apple pie. Over the years, my apple pie has become quite a hit. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas it is guaranteed that I will be baking at least 3 pies (each holiday). One for my immediate family, one for my parents, and one for my in-laws. Factor in other gatherings and the numbers of requested pies increases greatly. It was quite the compliment that my apple pie was summoned while in Georgia.  [Read more…]

{Chick You’re So Cute}

Easter is around the corner. As you know, we already made Bunnies in a Basket to celebrate this festive season. Although we decorated the house, we still didn’t have a decoration for the front door. So, we did what any All-American family would do… hit up the Dollar Store. We can spend hours there. For once I was ready to check out while the hubby and Princess were still walking up and down every aisle.  [Read more…]

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