{Chalked Up for Storage}

Isn’t it amazing? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Old-school chalkboards are all the rage. Ironically enough, they’ve been absent from classrooms for years, but are making a comeback thanks to Pinterest. When’s the last time you attended a party that didn’t have something decorated in chalk? I can’t remember. 

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with chalkboard paint…. chalkboard spray paint to be exact. Thanks to Rust-Oleum, I have the ability to make anything into a chalkboard. I told my hubby today that I’m going to make everything in our house into a chalkboard. He laughs. I’m serious. Today I made Crystal Light containers into chalkboard surfaced storage containers. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Easy Chalkboard Storage

What You’ll Need:

– Plastic storage containers (Crystal Light)
– Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint
– Sandpaper
– Chalk

Step 1:

Prep your plastic containers. Clean off sticky goop and wash as needed. Gently sand the outside of your bottles. Line them up!

Chalkboard Spray Paint

Step 2:

Begin adding really light layers of the chalkboard paint to your storage containers. PSA: If you spray too closely or use thick layers, the paint will bubble up and smudge. Not that I’m talking from experience or anything. 🙂

Chalkboard Spray Paint 5

Chalkboard Spray Paint 2

Step 3:

Allow the first coat to dry and apply a second layer of chalkboard spray paint.

Chalkboard Spray Paint 4

Step 4:

After the storage containers are completely dry, label as needed. Obviously I’m not a teacher. Writing in chalk is not my expertise! I’ll have to find a tutorial to help me out with that.

Chalkboard Storage

Chalkboard Storage Final

So there you go! For the price of a some Crystal Light containers and a can of chalkboard spray paint you can make some fun storage for your craft room. Best part? I have spray paint left over for something else!

Peace & Love,


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    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to go get some spray paint now.

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