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Easter is around the corner. As you know, we already made Bunnies in a Basket to celebrate this festive season. Although we decorated the house, we still didn’t have a decoration for the front door. So, we did what any All-American family would do… hit up the Dollar Store. We can spend hours there. For once I was ready to check out while the hubby and Princess were still walking up and down every aisle. 

While at the Dollar Tree, I picked up some stuff to tackle my Easter mission.

Supplies for Easter Basket For less than $10, I was determined to make a door hanger that wasn’t a wreath. So here goes…

What You’ll Need:

– Hopping Chick
– Easter Basket
– Green Moss
– Toothpicks
– Easter Eggs
– Green Florist Wire
– Floral Arranger
– Scraps of Tulle or Ribbon
– Lawyer (binder) Clip
– Suction Cup

Step 1:

Since an Easter basket is round, it will not lay flat against the window unless you cut it up. So jump in and don’t be scared. Slice down the back of the basket.

Cut the Back Step 2:

Squish the pieces of the Easter basket together so they overlap. Use the lawyer clip to hold it in place. Don’t worry that it’s not pretty, you’ll be covering it up later.

Lawyer Clip

Step 3:

Fill the basket with floral arranger and green moss. Use as little or as much as you’d like. You can use hot glue to keep it in place if you desire. My basket won’t be exposed to the elements, so I skipped that step. As you can see, the back of the basket is flatter than before. It resembles more of an oval. That’s perfect for laying flat against your door or wall.

Fill With Moss Step 4:

If you have Easter eggs that have ribbon holders, remove them now. Insert a toothpick where the ribbon was to secure the eggs to the floral arranger.

Egg with Toothpick Step 5:

Start inserting your eggs in whichever pattern you’d like. The Princess helped sort these. Wrap the hopping chick’s feet in floral wire and secure tightly to avoid any chicks following over the edge. Add a ribbon to the back of the basket to cover where you slit the basket and added the legal clip. Add strips of tulle or ribbon to the top of your basket as a finishing touch.

As I went to insert a picture, I realized I didn’t take a picture of this step, but you get the point! 🙂

Step 6:

Step back and admire your work. For less than $10, you made a beautiful door hanger for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Step 7:

Find a suction cup or an over-the-door hanger to display your basket. Here’s our finished product!

Easter Basket Up Close

Easter Basket on Door

Easter Basket in Sunshine

Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial. For less than $10 you can make one too. If you do, make sure to Pin It and share!

Peace & Love,


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