{Easter Dessert Table}

So Easter has come and gone. Our Easter consisted of mass on Sunday morning, a family BBQ, and March Madness in between. For so many reasons, it was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the message during mass was inspirational, and whenever you can get together as a family and celebrate, it’s a glorious day! Unfortunately, the Gators lost, but I digress.

Preparations for Easter began Friday. That’s when we put together our Bunny Tail Mix. It was way late, but with good reason. We were watching basketball!

Bunny Tail Mix Ingredients

M&M Yummy

Bunny Tail Mix

Saturday consisted of baking cupcakes and cookies.


We also spent time hunting for printables. I love how printables look when completed, I truly dislike cutting everything out. I wonder if that task is outsourceable. 🙂 I found the BluGrass Designs printables on the Catch My Party website. Need an excuse to spend hours on end looking at parties? Check their website out!

So how did everything come together? The main dessert table had a collection of Easter ceramics and decorations. I raided the house, it was my like my own Easter egg hunt. I raided my mom’s house too. With permission of course! The beautiful pink tablecloth is hers.

The cupcake stand, wrappers, and pots were from the Dollar Tree. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to their holiday cupcake decorations! The fabric bunnies are from our Bunnies in a Basket tutorial. And lastly, like I mentioned, the printables are from BluGrass Designs.

Easter 6

Easter Cupcakes

Closeup Easter Cupcakes

Easter 4

Bunny Tail Mix

Easter Sun

Easter Printables

It was so much fun to step-up a dessert table for my family. My hubby was trying to understand why I wanted to decorate the dessert table. There really is no rhyme or reason. I LOVE any excuse to decorate and design. One day he’ll just understand. 🙂

Here’s my Princess & Prince (nephew) enjoying the day. They are pretty much the reason for everything I do.

Chalk Princess            Cupcake Mess

They had a blast. Mission accomplished. Hope you had a blessed Easter!

Peace & Love,



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