{First Day of School}

Did you do it? Did you survive the first day of school? We did!

I’m pretty sure the Princess was far more reserved and normal than myself. Although I kept it together for most of the morning, I lost it as I walked away from her classroom. When I turned around and saw this little lady sitting at her desk, I couldn’t help but wonder where 5 years went. I swear I still have the scars!

Since her new teacher was so patient and gentle, I designed a fun ‘thank you’ to leave in her SEUSS communication binder.

One Fish Two Fish

Want to make a run to the store? Buy some Swedish Fish and print out the ‘One Fish Two Fish‘ Printable! No one ever says no to a candy rush!!!

Side Note: I love that the Princess’ classroom is Dr. Seuss themed. I can do so much with it year around. 🙂 Hope you have a great new school year!

Peace & Love,


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