{ Forever Candle }

So I am one of the few lucky ones. I have an amazing mother-in-law. I am not just saying that because I know she’ll read this, but because I really mean it. I’ve heard some pretty good horror stories. I (fortunately) have none to share. Conversely, I have many, many, many examples of amazing moments with my family.

After I posted about Princess A’s felt candle for the vigil Tuesday, my MIL shared the link with friends and family. Her email touched me profoundly. To know someone supports you is an amazing feeling. Not only did she share my email, but she included a call to action to have everyone join in making one for their child or grandchild. If we as parents can promote love and acceptance in our families, the love will transcend beyond our own walls. It’s contagious. Promise.

The vigil Tuesday was a success. We had over 100 people praying for peace. We had a pastor, rabbi, and imam praying for peace. We had a congressman, state senator, and state representative exalting the need for peace and civility. It’s one of those moments that will be stored in the memory bank forever.

I wanted to share a picture of Princess A with her ‘forever candle’ at the candlelight vigil.

Princess A's Forever Candle

And here’s a picture of the vigil…

Candlelight Vigil

To have people give of their time for the greater good is always a life changing experience. Try it.

Peace & Love,

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