{ Grinch Pills & Red Noses }

If you are like me, you just realized that they day we wait for all year is Tuesday. Can you believe it? Every year I say Christmas came early, but this year it truly feels like it was Halloween just a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s the Christmas decorations in the Halloween aisles in stores that throws me off or the fact that I had the Flu for what seemed like all of November.

Princess A is in preschool and has lots of awesome teachers. I work and have lots of awesome employees and volunteers. I wanted something cute that could go along the reindeer ornaments we made over the weekend. So of course I went to Google. I found cute “Grinch pills”, but not the downloads that I was looking for. So my adventure to make  little green pills was initiated.

I designed the candy bag toppers using Hummie’s World grinch pills poem. Since I knew I’d have red M&M’s left over, I also designed a Red Nose Replacement Co. topper. You can download the Princess Splendor Grinch pills and red nose templates below.

What you’ll need:

– Grinch ribbon (Joann has it on sale!)Grinch Pills Supplies
– Wilton candy bags 3×4
– Christmas M&M’s (2 large bags, on sale at Walgreens! Make sure they are red and green only)
– 65lb card stock (white)
– Stapler
– Paper cutter
– Single hole punch
– Glitter pen (optional)
– Candy bag toppers (printed from PDF below)

Step 1:

Download either the PS Grinch Pills or PS Red Nose Replacement Co template. Print as many copies as you need, depending on the amount of bags you are planning to make. Using the paper cutter, cut out the candy bag toppers.

Grinch Pills Folded

Step 2:

Hole punch two holes on the top green area. Here you can attach the Grinch ribbon or other ribbon of your choice.

Grinch Pills Ribbon

Step 3:

Fill your candy bags with green M&M’s. I didn’t count them out, just a handful for each bag. Once the bags are filled, staple your Grinch topper to the bag. Make sure the bag is caught by the staples to avoid spillage – not that I’m talking from experience :).

Step 4:

Sit back and enjoy your work of art. Originally I had thought of using a glitter pen around the red lines. I opted not to in the end. Feel free if you wish!

Grinch Pills Final Product

Modified Grinch:

If you are making the Red Nose Replacement Co. candy bags, follow the grinch directions accordingly. Your finished product will look something like this.

Red Nose Replacement Co Final Product

If you can get through making the candy bags without eating any M&M’s, you are better than Princess A and I! We work on the “one for me, one for you plan”.

Peace & Love,


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