House Divided

It’s that time of year. A splendid time when I root for Gators and my husband for the Noles. Did I mention our beautiful daughter joins me 99% of the time rooting for the Gators? We are in fact a House Divided. Like clockwork, when this glorious time of year rolls around, we fight like…  well…. Gators and Noles. We try to be civil, but alas we are not that mature. 

To really get into the College Football season, we did a little bit of pre-Fall cleaning. Around here we are yearning for cooler days, pumpkin spice, and day-long football marathons. The team doesn’t matter, as long as a ball is being thrown, punted, or falling perfectly through the uprights.

Finished Entrance

We didn’t buy anything new outside of a few rolls of deco mesh for the wreath/ coachlight bows and a new decorative sign. Setting up a new ‘theme’ for your entrance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Be creative. A can of spray paint (the pots used to be green) and garden gnomes can go a long way.

I love burlap. Makes a good ribbon to hang a decorative piece. Fun find! Reminds us to enjoy the little things in life.

Front Entrance

Our Gator gnome is in pretty good shape. 🙂

Gator Gnome

The Nole has seen better days. Coincidence? I think so. Hehe.

Nole Gnome

The coachlights were feeling lonely. My friend decorated hers in garnet and gold – and I was feeling left out. What to do with leftover deco mesh? BOWS! Now our coachlights have pretty bows before they get decorated for Halloween.

Gator Coachlight

I’m not liking the garnet mesh. Not because of the obvious reasons, but because it is a different material than the blue. It doesn’t hang as nice, but it’s all I had. I’ll keep that in mind when I buy more.

Nole Coachlight

And just because you can spray paint just about everything, we now have a pair of green boots! Doesn’t every house need one? I think so.

Green Boots

Now I feel like we are ready for Fall. Our entrance is clean and organized and will welcome us home nightly with a gentle reminder that we’re ready for some football!!!

Peace & Love,

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