How Many Days Until Christmas?

December 1st is a bit depressing. I wait for the Holidays all year and when they finally come, I wish they hadn’t. They go by too quickly! While getting ready for school, Princess A reminded me that Christmas will be here before we know it. She continued to lament that it will all be all over too fast and then we will have to wait all year again. I think… no – I know – she gets it from her Abu! Many a family vacation that on the first day I was reminded that our vacation was almost over and we’d have to leave soon.  

In order to not miss a thing, this year I have resolved to enjoy every day leading up to Christmas. Holiday movies have been on repeat. YEAH for Netflix!  This Christmas, one way we are keeping track of how many days we have left is with wrapped Holiday books. Wrapped to match our tree – of course – Princess A gets to open a book every night. Although, this morning she insisted we open today’s book in the morning and read it tonight.

Book Stack

Our theme for this year is Cozy Cabin. Although we live no where near mountains, we wanted to bring them to us. Here are some fun antlers to help set the mood.

Antlers & Books

I wrapped the books in butcher paper and yarn. How rustic right’?

Book #1

All 25 books are Christmas/Holiday themed. From antlers to Rudolph, we have it all covered. The Princess got in the Christmas spirit early this morning before school.

Number 1

To download your own set of Christmas Plaid numbers: Book Countdown Printables! I hope you enjoy this new family tradition as much as we are.

Peace & Love,

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