{ In Darkness, Seek Light }

My voice is only one of thousands repulsed by the violence in Newtown, Connecticut. While none of us can explain what happened during that horrific morning in Sandy Hook, we can all lend our voice and actions to protecting our children. No parent should have to bury their child. I hugged Princess A extra hard when I picked her up early from school Friday. I can’t imagine their anguish. 

An organization I am part of already had a vigil scheduled in response to increased violence in Puerto Rico, Central Florida, and the Nation. They will now add the sweet names of the children and teachers murdered without reason. I am taking my four-year old the vigil because I always try include her in profound events. I want her to see the power of prayer. I want her to experience good people coming together in prayer for a better tomorrow.

Since she is little and a bit excitable, I do not want her to hold a lit candle during the hour vigil. Not lighting a real one for her to hold won’t work because I know my girl. She’s going to want the flame. I stopped by Joann while she was at ballet and picked up some supplies for a toilet paper roll vigil candle. I came up the idea while working. Here goes…

What you will need:

– Toilet paper roll
– Stiffened felt: orange, yellow, and white
– Hot glue
– Wood stick
– Legal clips

Step 1:

Cut a white rectangle out of stiffened felt. Make sure it is slightly taller than the paper toilet roll. Cut out two circles that will be used as end caps (also in white). Freehand a large flame out of orange stiffened felt. Using the yellow felt, cut out a flame that is smaller than the orange flame, but large enough to cover the stick.

Vigil Candle Supplies

Step 2:

Cover the toilet paper roll with the white rectangle. Use the legal clips to hold down the felt so it sticks properly to the roll. Then, select which circle you will use as a the top circle. Using a sharp cutter, make a slit wide enough for the stick. Once the glue is dry, attach the circles to each end using hot glue.

Cover ends

Cut a Slit

Step 3:

Add a dab of glue to the stick and press down on the orange felt flame. Add another dab of glue to the top of the stick and sandwich on the yellow felt flame. Insert the flame into the slit.

Candle Vigil

Now that it’s finished, I will feel a lot better knowing that Princess A can be part of the vigil without burning her little hands. If you make a candle, feel free to add it to the post below. It will be our very own candlelight vigil for peace.

Peace & Love,



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