{Princess Ballerina Tutu Tote}

PINK! Glitter! Princesses! Before I had my daughter, I didn’t realize that you could fit so much girly stuff into one home. My life is consumed by everything feminine. The best part of my pink and glitter addiction is that my daughter is there to egg me on. She is my #1 cheerleader; ready and able to help me make her dreams come true.

Case in point: her new ballerina tutu tote bag! What’s better than pink and tulle? I ventured to make the tote with a few inspirations along the way. First up, my home economics memories kicked in! While in high school, I made a tote bag that I still own. Since then, my sewing skills have improved (at least I hope so!). During the process of making the tote bag I only cussed once. If you know me, that’s a RECORD!!!

I must have googled every variation of ‘ballerina tutu tote bag’ to try and find a free tutorial. No such luck! This might be the only pattern that is under lock and key online. Crazy! I’m not opposed to buying patterns, but for this particular project I didn’t want to spend anything. I did find on Paws and Re-Thread a great tutorial for a tote bag that  I used as a starting point to dust off the HS cobwebs.

For the tote bag, I used materials I had at the house and didn’t buy anything new (score 1 for my wallet). In fact, the fabric is from a weighted blanket that I started and messed-up! I feel much better knowing that it didn’t go to waste. I still have plenty leftover for a couple more things up my sleeve. In case you are wondering, the fabric is from Jo-Ann. I’m pretty sure the tulle is from their remnant fabric pile. I’m there all the time. 🙂

The bag is big enough for her leotard, ballet shoes, and hair accessories, with space leftover for snacks. This of course being the most important thing.

Princess with her ballerina tutu tote

Princess with her ballerina tutu tote!



Big enough for an iPad.

Big enough for an iPad.

Wondering if the Princess will let me borrow her new bag? All I know, it’s ready for her next ballet class!

Peace & Love,

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