Princess Splendor is not a licensed medical professional. We custom make weighted blankets with the specifications provided to us by OT and PT professionals that we come in contact with through countless therapy appointments and consultations.

A question we get asked frequently, how do you know how much a blanket should weigh? Most OTs recommend 10% of the child or adults body weight, plus one lb. For example, 10% of a 20lb child is 2 lb, plus one = 3 lb. This is a recommendation. You should speak to your OT, PT, doctor, and other medical professional to confirm.

Please consult with YOUR medical professional to ensure that you are receiving a product that meets the needs of your loved one. Weighted products have been shown to provide great benefits for those who use them. They should be used as a therapy process, not a restraint. Do not use involuntarily or without consent. Also, as with any blanket, do not cover a person’s face or head area. This can cause suffocation. As with most therapeutic products, we do not recommend for use in children under the age of one or individuals with respiratory conditions. If you feel otherwise, please consult with your medical professional prior to purchasing our product.

Although Poly-Pellets are non-toxic, discontinue use of the weighted product immediately until adequate repairs can be made. The pellets are non-edible. We take a precautions to ensure that there are no tears or vulnerable stitching in our products. As with anything else, these products are handmade and defects are possible. Please contact us within 3 days of delivery if you notice any visible tears or issues with your blanket.

DO NOT under any circumstances place the blanket in an oven or microwave for warmth. It will cause burns!!!! If you would like a warmed blanket, place in the dryer for five minutes.