{SMARTIES Valentine’s Day Printable}

So, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! YEAH!!! Standing between us and Valentine’s Day is Super Bowl XLVIII. Are you ready for some football? We will be having friends over for the game so the planning has commenced. But I digress, back to Valentine’s Day. This year, I didn’t want to do the conventional Hello Kitty or Disney Princess Be Mine card. They are cute and quick, but I had an extra hour to spare – crazy I know – and decided it’d be fun to do a craft with the Princess.

Smarties Valentine's Printable PS

The Princess and I hit up Walmart’s seasonal candy isle looking for what candy we wanted to use. You should’ve heard us trying to come up with cute sayings. I’m sure we sounded nuts. My sounding board is a five year old and she is quite funny. 🙂 After about 20 minutes, we decided on Smarties®. What kindergartner doesn’t like a pack of Smarties®?

We had some Wilton bags left over from our Grinch Pills, so we knew they’d be perfect. The bags are sold at most craft stores, but we bought ours at Walmart in their craft/party aisle.

Wilton Bags  
Things You Need:

– Wilton Bags
– Cardstock
– Stapler
– Scissors or Paper Cutter

Step 1:

Download the Smarties Candy Bag Printable. Print as many copies as you need, depending on the amount of bags you are planning on making. Using your scissors or paper cutter, cut out the candy bag toppers. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I failed cutting in kindergarten.

Smarties 1 PS

Step 2:

Sort out your Smarties® in groups of 5. There are about 62 Smarties® per bag, so plan accordingly. We ended up needing 2 bags for 16 valentines. PSA: The Smarties® will not fit in the Wilton bags unless you twist the tops and bottoms tightly and cut both tips.

Smarties In Bags

Step 3:

Fill your candy bags with the Smarties®. Once the bags are filled, staple your Smarties® topper to the bag.

Step 4:

Have your child write in the names of their classmates. I am actually looking for a gold star somewhere because I successfully remembered all 14 of my daughter’s classmates. I asked my husband to name them and he chuckled. I’m not 100% of the spelling of 2 students, so we will wait until Monday for those.

Smarties 2 PS

Simple right? From beginning to end it took us about an hour to design, print, and bag our valentines. Totally a craft you can do as a family. If you use our template, please send us pictures! We want to see.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Peace & Love,


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    Those are so cute, I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and those would make great treat bags to bring to daycare. Thanks for sharing!

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