{Super Bowl XLVIII Printables}

It’s time for some football! Well, not quite. Almost. Is it Sunday yet? LOL. Can you tell I’m a little bit excited for the Super Bowl? Yearly our family hosts a Super Bowl party. Well, get together if you ask my hubby. He knows the word party is associated with decorations, so I’ve started decorating for our get togethers too. That way there’s no confusion. #winning [Read more…]

{Puerto Rican Paleo}

The title to this post makes me laugh. One thing is trying to eat healthy. Another is trying to eat healthy and not neglect the foods you grew up with. I was born in Puerto Rico. My parents raised me eating rice and beans, mofongo, and chuletas. On the occasional night we ate pasta or mashed potatoes, it still had a Hispanic flair. [Read more…]

{Trying To Eat Healthy}

So I’ve written before that my nephew is on the spectrum. As a result, my mom and sister have been working towards incorporating less processed foods and eliminating certain trigger foods from his diet. Today we went on an adventure for local honey. More on that later. On the other end of Florida, my MIL and FIL have been learning more about Paleo and changing the way they eat and think about food. Various health concerns have sounded the alarm and we are all listening! [Read more…]

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