{Super Bowl XLVIII Printables}

It’s time for some football! Well, not quite. Almost. Is it Sunday yet? LOL. Can you tell I’m a little bit excited for the Super Bowl? Yearly our family hosts a Super Bowl party. Well, get together if you ask my hubby. He knows the word party is associated with decorations, so I’ve started decorating for our get togethers too. That way there’s no confusion. #winning [Read more…]

{SMARTIES Valentine’s Day Printable}

So, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! YEAH!!! Standing between us and Valentine’s Day is Super Bowl XLVIII. Are you ready for some football? We will be having friends over for the game so the planning has commenced. But I digress, back to Valentine’s Day. This year, I didn’t want to do the conventional Hello Kitty or Disney Princess Be Mine card. They are cute and quick, but I had an extra hour to spare – crazy I know – and decided it’d be fun to do a craft with the Princess. [Read more…]

{First Day of School}

Did you do it? Did you survive the first day of school? We did!

I’m pretty sure the Princess was far more reserved and normal than myself. Although I kept it together for most of the morning, I lost it as I walked away from her classroom. When I turned around and saw this little lady sitting at her desk, I couldn’t help but wonder where 5 years went. I swear I still have the scars! [Read more…]

{Patriotic Printables}

Ok. So I’ve become a bit obsessed with designing printables for any occasion. Pretty much if my daughter decides to throw her baby dolls a party, I’ll make printables for them too. For my family’s Memorial Day Celebration, I designed some red, white, and blue inspired printables. I’d like to share them with you. [Read more…]

{Easter Dessert Table}

So Easter has come and gone. Our Easter consisted of mass on Sunday morning, a family BBQ, and March Madness in between. For so many reasons, it was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the message during mass was inspirational, and whenever you can get together as a family and celebrate, it’s a glorious day! [Read more…]

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