Weighted Bliss

Weighted Shark BlanketThank you for your interest in Princess Splendor’s Weighted Bliss blankets and products. What started as a favor for my nephew, has turned into a labor of love for extraordinary children.

Weighted blankets, lap pads, and other therapeutic aids have been used to help bring calmness to children and adults with Autism, stress, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. Admit it, we all can benefit from one!

A question we get asked frequently, how do you know how much a blanket should weigh? Most OTs recommend 10% of the child or adults body weight, plus one lb. For example, 10% of a 20lb child is 2 lb, plus one = 3 lb. This is a recommendation. You should speak to your OT, PT, doctor, and other medical professional to confirm.

Unless otherwise discussed, we will use the above formula to construct our custom made blankets. If you require a weight that isn’t consistent with this formula, please provide us with specifications from a licensed medical practitioner.

Weighted Bliss products are weighted with Poly-Pellets. Poly-Pellets are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. These heavy weight pellets are washable. All blankets can be machine washed and dried. Use care when washing to ensure durability.